What You’ll Need to Set Up Your Walmart Purchase Bot

You finally bought your first Walmart purchase bot, but what happens next?

The next step is to set it up.

This step will differentiate you from other botters since anyone can buy a bot, but not everyone will set it up correctly.

But before you set up your Walmart bot, you’ll need to have some things prepared to proceed with the setup process.

This guide will cover these different points and provide you with a detailed view of what is needed to set up your bot.

What Do I Need to Set Up My Walmart Purchase Bot?

Once you acquire a bot, you will need the following to set up your bot for a release:

1- List of items and their SKU

2- Latest bot guides

3- Shipping and billing information

4- Email addresses

5- Proxies

6- Walmart accounts (if trying to buy consoles)

7- Cook group

I’ll be going over these points in further detail in the upcoming sections.

How Can I Bot Multiple Items From Walmart Without Getting My Orders Canceled?

I’m sure you’ve seen images of botters copping dozens of consoles and GPUs. When non-botters see such a photo circulating, they usually wonder: How did this scalper get so many? I thought there was a one-item-per-person policy?

Well, for most hyped products, there is a policy in place. Walmart’s site will typically cancel your duplicate orders if they suspect you’re a reseller. But there are ways to circumvent this system, and they’re not as complicated as you may think.

First, let us observe cases where Walmart would cancel your order:

Walmart purchase bot

Now, let us look at ways you can overcome each obstacle so that you can cop multiple items without having to worry about cancelations:

  1. Using proxies, you can mask your IP address for each bot task, tricking Walmart into thinking your orders come from different IPs.
  2. By jigging your shipping address, you can make it appear that each shipping address you use is unique, even if using only one address.
  3. Using virtual credit cards, Walmart will think each order is coming from a unique individual.
  4. You can make up random phone numbers to trick Walmart into thinking each order is coming from a different person. You don’t have to own multiple phone numbers since Walmart doesn’t verify them for your order. Just use random phone numbers (using a REAL area code) in your billing profiles.
  5. By creating multiple Gmail accounts, Walmart won’t associate one order with another.
  6. By signing up multiple Walmart accounts, you can maneuver around the Walmart system. Some Walmart purchase bots automatically create various accounts for you. Others don’t, so you’d have to manually make them or use tools like AYCD Account Generator that can help you create dozens of accounts.

By following all the six steps mentioned above, you decrease your chances of cancellations. It may take some time to optimize your billing profiles when starting, but it’s worth the time investment!

Which Proxies Are Suitable for Your Walmart Purchase Bot?

(If you’re new to botting and are not sure what a proxy is, I recommend you check this guide).

There are two types of proxies that you’ll see botters using on Walmart: ISP and Residential proxies.

It’s not always clear which proxy type is better to run.

Personally, I always recommend running a mix of both whenever possible.

However, I wanted to get the opinions of different proxy providers. So I reached out to a couple and asked what they’d recommend I use on Walmart. Here’s what they had to say:

“Resis are better when running on Walmart. You can use ISPs and DCs if you want, but resis are better at handling PX (Walmart’s bot protection). ISP’s would be better for monitoring so you don’t burn through data”Stella Proxies

“Resis are the best on Walmart. (Better leave ISPs for monitor tasks).” Oculus Proxies

“Both are great options! For 24/7 (monitoring), I would recommend ISPs, but if it’s for a certain drop, I recommend (a mix of) resis and ISPs.”Leaf Proxies

“For PS5s, you will need resis. (Best use ISPs for 24/7 monitoring).”Ping Pong Proxies

All in all, the verdict seems clear: Residential proxies are crucial for releases with predicted drop times, while ISPs are better when you plan on leaving your Walmart purchase bot running all day long.

Of course, you’re free to run a mix of ISPs and resis. It is not always clear when one proxy type will perform better than the other, so you can play it safe and run a mix of both types.

Buy Walmart purchase bot

Who Can Help Me Set Up My Bot and Keep Me Up-to-Date With the Latest Walmart Releases?

Any time you purchase a bot key, you get an invitation to a Discord support server. This gives you access to the latest bot guides, info about upcoming releases, and access to support staff that can help you set up your bot.

While a bot’s Discord server is a great resource, sometimes it’s not enough to see satisfactory results. The bot’s support team’s primary responsibility is to help you set up and troubleshoot your issues, not help you achieve significant results.

For that, you’ll need the help of a cook group.

A cook group is a subscription-based community that gives you exclusive info and personalized assistance to give you an edge over the average botter.

While joining a cook group is optional, I highly recommend it, especially when starting. Here are some reasons to consider joining one:

  • Retail-focused cook groups tend to have more information about upcoming Walmart releases than your bot Discord.
  • Bot Discord servers tend to have way more members and fewer staff members than the average cook group. This means it may take longer for you to get a response to your questions and inquiries if you solely rely on bot Discords.
  • Cook group staff are often more experienced and can give you all the tips you need to see meaningful results as a botter.


To sum up, here are some of the important points from this guide:

  • Familiarize yourself with what items drop on Walmart and when they typically restock.
  • Get access to the latest bot guides and stay up-to-date with the latest updates.
  • Prepare your billing and shipping profile(s).
  • Have different email addresses and phone numbers ready for each billing profile you have.
  • If you’re targeting consoles, make sure to have Walmart accounts prepared as your orders will get cancelled without accounts.
  • Purchase the right proxies needed for Walmart botting.
  • Consider joining a cook group if you are new to botting as it can help take your game to the next level.

This is everything you’ll need to get started with setting up your Walmart purchase bot.

At first, setting up your bot may seem like a daunting task.

But it really isn’t.

Though, it’s worth noting that it may take a bit of time to get used to it when you’re just starting out.

However, the good news is that it’ll get progressively easier as you go.

And as you become more accustomed to it, you’ll likely start seeing better results when botting.

But till you reach that point, make sure you keep trying to bot on different releases and to adjust your set up as you go.

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