Top Items Stellar Members Were Reselling in September

We’ve all been in a situation where we purchased an item that we thought would have great resale value but ended up flopping.

As a botter, it’s important to do the proper research on as many items as possible to get a good idea of what is worth going after.

However, with so many different categories of items existing, it can be a bit overwhelming figuring out which ones have decent profit margins.

In addition, some items lose relevancy over time so it’s important to stay up-to-date with what is considered hot at the moment.

That is why we composed a list of some of the most profitable items copped by Stellar members in September.

This list will give you an idea of what items are currently popular and worth going after.

Gaming Consoles

PlayStation 5 Disc Edition

The PlayStation 5 Disc Edition has hit all major retail stores like Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Amazon, and GameStop.

These retailers continuously restock PS5s though they usually do so at random dates and times.

And while there have been several restocks on all these retailers’ sites, Sony has been unable to keep up with the growing demand for the PlayStation 5 Disc Edition since its release a year ago. 

A worldwide shortage of chips used to produce consoles has limited how many PS5’s Sony can manufacture.

It’s a classic example of supply not meeting demand, and that has caused PS5 prices to sell for hundreds of dollars above their MSRP.

While the PS5 is available for $499 at retail price, they resell for around $770 and $800, making it a lucrative target for Stellar botters.  

As we enter the holiday season, the prices will continue to increase as demand heightens, so expect Stellar members to keep taking up stock.

PS5 Bot

PS5 Digital Edition

The PS5 Digital console, like the Disc edition, is experiencing a worldwide shortage.

While the Digital edition’s MSRP is $100 less than the Disc, they both resell for similar prices.

The Digital edition currently resells for around $750 to $770+. 

As a result, the Digital edition tends to be harder to grab due to its higher profit margin.

However, that did not stop Stellar members from copping thousands of the PS5 Digital edition in September. 


XBox Series X

Another console that is popular amongst botters is the XBox Series X.

With a retail price of $499, the profit margins initially were not as wide as the PS5.  

However, with Microsoft also suffering from chip scarcity, it has not been able to keep up with the demand for Xbox’s, which further increased the resale value of the console. 

The profit value increased to match the PlayStation 5 Disc, setting the resale price now $750 to $800. 

As the chip shortage is not ending anytime soon, Stellar users are copping whatever they can get their hands on

Let us not forget that with the holiday season quickly approaching, resale prices are going to spike. 

It’ll be interesting to see how high Xbox prices can go.

PS5 Bot Online

Graphics Cards

Another category of limited-supply goods is graphics cards.

If you’re a gamer, you’re probably familiar with the importance and hype around graphics cards.

The computer component is essential in enhancing your gaming experience, and many games require them for an optimal visual experience. 

Coincidentally, graphics cards are also used in crypto mining to solve complex mathematical problems.

The strong demand from gamers and miners combined with a worldwide shortage of chips has affected the supply of graphics cards.

This shortage has been an opportunity for bots like Stellar, that take stock whenever a restock occurs.

Graphics cards have been regularly restocking on top retailers’ sites such as Best Buy and Amazon.

With both modules supported in Stellar, it’s no surprise that these cards have been a prime target.

Since there are many different varieties of graphics cards, I will list some of the main ones that Stellar users have focused on in September:


  • Retail: $409.99
  • Resale: $690

GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 3060 Gaming OC 12G Graphics

  • Retail: $439.99
  • Resale: $700

AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT Graphics

  • Retail: $479
  • Resale: $820

ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3060 Twin Edge

  • Retail: $479.99
  • Resale: $670


  • Retail: $2,129.99
  • Resale: $2900

PS5 Bot Canada

Trading Cards 

2021 Panini NBA Select Basketball Boxes

Sports trading cards have long been a common hobby and collector’s item for sports enthusiasts worldwide.

But since the beginning of COVID, trading cards have seen massive spikes in demand and have gained unbelievable popularity in 2021. 

With millions of people emerging from the 2020 quarantine, many have picked up various new hobbies, including collecting trading cards.

Part of the appeal of sports cards is you can flip certain cards for great returns.

Interestingly, card boxes, like the 2021 Panini NBA Select Basketball Boxes, have been as popular as the rare cards themselves.

While you never know what cards you may get in your box, collectors are willing to pay a premium for the chance of hitting big with a rare card.

With the hype around the NBA Select cards escalating, major retailers like Walmart and Target have struggled to keep up with demand.

The demand and hype for these trading cards escalated to the point where a couple of people would buy up the entire stock in a single Target store. 

When Target decided to limit the number of boxes per person, customers began fighting to the point where one customer threatened another with a gun

At this point, Target had to take action and decided to sell the NBA Select boxes solely online.

Other retailers followed suit.

Of course, situations like this one gives botters the utmost advantage. 

In September, you had bots like Stellar practically consume most of the Select box stock on Target’s site. 

During online restocks, you’ll often see both the blaster boxes and mega boxes restock. Both of which have maintained their profitability since they were first released.

The Blaster box was priced at $19.99, while the Mega boxes were $39.99 each.

The NBA Select Blaster boxes resold for at least $45-50 each, and the Mega trading boxes fetched a hefty $100.

PS5 Bot at cost effective price

2021 Panini NFL Donruss Football Blaster Box

The second set of high-demand trading cards on Target were the 2021 Panini NFL Donruss Football Blaster Box

The demand for the Donruss Football box is not as high as that of the NBA Select, though it still holds a decent profit margin.

Similar to the NBA boxes, Panini keeps stock low for these NFL boxes.

Naturally, this increased the value of these boxes over time, making them harder to cop.

While a box retails at $24.99, it resells for around $40. 

Unlike gaming consoles, botters often need to cop several dozens of the NFL boxes to gain substantial profit.

With such a low retail price, it's proven to be a valuable target for Stellar users with a low budget.

It’s also worth noting that card boxes are easier to purchase in bulk since retailers like Target don’t often impose a one-per-person policy on the trading card boxes.

However, the lack of a one-per-person policy did help Stellar members devour stock on these boxes throughout September.

Panini Bot

2021 Topps MLB Fire Baseball Hobby Box

For 70 years, Topps has been partnered up with MLB and has produced some hyped cards over the years.

This year they produced the 2021 Topps MLB Fire Baseball Trading Card Hobby Boxes, among other boxes.

These boxes have been restocking on Target in September and have been quite popular amongst both collectors and botters.

Profit margins with baseball trading cards are pretty favorable, and Stellar members have made sure to focus on acquiring these whenever they restock.

The Hobby Box retails for $69.99 and resells for around $100. 

If you can cop dozens of boxes with your bot in a single release, then profits would start to add up.

One thing to keep in mind about all sports trading card boxes is that they often restock unannounced.

Often, cook groups have insight or can predict when a restock may happen, so it’s definitely worth being part of one.

Regardless of what trading sports cards you would want to resell, always have a bot running on Target 24/7. 

Don’t forget the added advantage of cook groups. With Target restocking at random times, cook groups will give you educated guesses at what time there will be a restock. 

But with your bot running 24/7, it won’t matter what time Target restocks and if you are available or not. The bot will do the work for you. 

Panini Bot USA

Pokemon TCG Celebrations Boxes

Sports cards were not the only collectible cards that saw a spike in demand since last year.

Pokemon trading cards have been immensely popular recently, and it’s safe to say collectors are ready to pay big bucks to get their hands on some of the rarest cards.

Pokemon recently dropped two different boxes as part of the Pokemon TCG: Celebrations edition: the “Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box” and the “Pikachu V-Union Special Collection Box”.

Both boxes are highly-sought after and have been a target for Stellar users ever since they dropped on the Pokemon Center site.

Not many bots support that site so it has given Stellar members an advantage over others.

The Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box retails for around $70 and currently has a resale of $160-180.

Whereas, the Pikachu V-Union Special Collection Box has an MSRP of around $30 and resells for $60.

pokeman bot

Other Collectibles

Barbie 2021 Dia De Muertos Doll

When people usually think of retail botting, the first items that come to mind are gaming consoles, trading cards, and GPUs. 

However, there are other interesting limited collectibles out there, and this Barbie doll is one of them.

Believe it or not, the Barbie 2021 Dia De Muertos Doll is quite rare and a collector’s item.

It retails for $75 and frequently restocks on Amazon and Walmart. 

They used to have a much higher resale value, but constant restocking has hit prices a bit. Thus, reducing its resale value to around $100.

With the holiday season just around the corner, resell prices may rebound.

If that happens, expect Stellar users to go full throttle on these.

pokeman bot USA


There you have it!

You now know what types of items are being copped by Stellar members.

Honestly, you can’t really go wrong with any item on this list.

You do not have to be an expert on any item category to buy and sell the items mentioned above.

However, you do want to calibrate your strategy based on how much free capital you have for inventory.

For example, if you have a tight budget for your inventory, you may want to avoid some more expensive items like graphics cards.

Instead, you’ll want to focus on items with a lower retail price, like trading card boxes.

Or you can try to go for items that are easy to move.

PS5s and Xboxes are the easiest to sell, so try to get as many consoles as you can.

All in all, pick the item categories you are most comfortable with and educate yourself about where and when restocks are happening.

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