Here’s How Stellar AIO Secured 140,000+ Checkouts in September

What a fantastic month September was for Stellar AIO!

With over 140,000 checkouts secured across several sites, Stellar users once again outperformed themselves.

Consoles, graphics cards, and trading cards were among the most popular items users copped throughout the month.

And if that weren't enough, Stellar AIO now supports two new site modules: Sony (PS5 Direct) and Microsoft.

These two sites both regularly restock consoles, so you know this holiday season is going to be exciting.

I can't wait to share with you all the success and accomplishments from this past month.

By the time you're done reading this post, you'll truly understand why Stellar is considered the best of the best.


Walmart did not disappoint us this month!

We were blessed with another huge console restock, and Stellar showed the world why it’s considered the best Walmart bot.

In fact, more than 24,000 PS5s and Xboxes were copped in a single day.

Impressively, one member checked out over 400 consoles during that restock.

That is $200,000 spent in a single release… crazy numbers!

Sports cards were also on the menu for Stellar's feast.

Over 28,000 sports cards boxes were copped on two different restocks that occurred on Walmart's site.

Unlike console releases, which are limited to one per person, Walmart allows you to cart over 4 sports card boxes in a single cart.

So Stellar users made sure to leverage that to their advantage.

In one release, several users were able to check out over 100 boxes, with one copping over 500 NBA Hanger boxes!

Goes to show the importance of having the right Walmart bot setup when copping items in bulk.


If you thought PS5 restocks were limited to Walmart, think again!

Over 10,000 PlayStation 5 consoles were acquired in a single restock on Amazon.

When it comes to PS5 releases on Amazon, you will need a consistent Amazon buy bot like Stellar.

Otherwise you risk missing out on important releases.

One thing to note is that Amazon restocks can be slightly trickier since they happen at random times.

But that didn’t stop Stellar users from enjoying great success on the release.

And the fun doesn’t stop there.

Amazon is known for regularly restocking graphics cards, and several users made sure to take advantage.

The great thing is you don’t have to be a pro to cop one.

With the right setup, anyone can achieve success.

Just take a look at this user that had their first GPU checkout with Stellar AIO.


If you are an avid sports card collector, you’re probably familiar with how often Target restocks card boxes.

In September, Target had several restocks for NBA Select and NFL Donruss boxes.

And on each restock, Stellar came through!

Over 65,000 card boxes were checked out on 4 different releases, further cementing Stellar as a top Target bot.

Amazingly, in one restock, Stellar AIO acquired over 50,000 boxes. Quite a day that was!

While copping one or two boxes may not yield much profit, it starts adding up when you begin acquiring dozens or even hundreds.

Similar to Walmart, Target’s one-per-person policy does not apply to sports cards.

This policy allows Stellar users to buy dozens of boxes with ease.


Your best chance of acquiring a GPU is through a BestBuy restock.

These can be tricky since many of them require in-stock pickups.

But with Stellar AIO, GPU restocks on BestBuy are a breeze.

In one release this month, a user copped a whopping 46 RTX 3600 graphics cards.

In case you were wondering, he spent a total of around $16,000 in the process.

He ended up tweeting his live cop success, and his reaction was hilarious when he ended up copping way more than he intended.


Another site that regularly restocks consoles is GameStop.

In one PS5 restock, Stellar AIO obtained more than 1,500 checkouts.

When compared to the number of checkouts on Walmart or Amazon, it may not seem so impressive.

However, GameStop’s console stock pales in comparison to that of the retail giants mentioned above.

Nonetheless, considering most retail bots don’t support Gamestop, such restocks give Stellar users a considerable advantage.

Pokemon Center

Is there a site that Stellar doesn’t destroy?

Pokemon Center is another popular site that often drops sought-after collectibles.

It’s also a site that Stellar AIO regularly dominates on.

With over 10,000 checkouts in a single week, Stellar killed it on some of the newest Pokemon collectibles drops.

While we’re used to seeing checkouts on the latest Pokemon card boxes, Stellar users also went after the new Haunted Pokémon Village collection set.

This proved to be a profitable set to acquire, especially with Halloween around the corner.

If there is one comment that sums up Stellar’s spectacular performance, it’s this one: “Is Stellar a Pokémon trainer? Cuz it’s catching them all!”

Sony & Microsoft

The two new sites that the Stellar development team recently added are Sony and Microsoft.

These sites regularly restock consoles and are great additions to Stellar’s impressive list of over 20 supported site modules.

Sony’s PS5 Direct site is known for its long queues whenever there is a PlayStation 5 restock.

Typically, your chances of copping are slim.

But with Stellar AIO, you can significantly boost your chances of copping on one of these restocks.

In fact, Stellar users have already started seeing results on PS5 Direct.

As for Microsoft, it’s known for restocking Xboxes every now and then.

With the recently pushed update, it’ll be exciting to see how well Stellar will perform on Microsoft restocks.


As you just saw, being part of the Stellar community is quite exciting. 

With so many profitable releases happening all the time, there is always an opportunity to make money.

So if you haven’t joined the Stellar waitlist yet, you may want to do that ASAP!

And if you think Stellar’s success will slow down anytime soon, I wouldn’t bet on that.

August was as impressive as this month, and you can bet that October will be superb, especially as we enter the holiday season.

We’re always looking to grow our community, so get yourself a Stellar AIO copy and join in on the fun!

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