5 Sites That Require a PlayStation Bot to Cop a PS5

The PlayStation 5 has remained a hot product ever since it dropped over a year ago.

The global shortage of chips used to manufacture the PS5 combined with the high demand for the console has made it challenging to cop one.

The demand was so crazy that a single PS5 was reselling for over a thousand dollars a few months ago.

This crazy demand helped give rise to a new wave of PlayStation bots used to eat up the entire PS5 stock.

While the PS5's resale value has since decreased, flipping consoles is still a profitable venture.

At the current market rate, you can generate a profit of $200 flipping the Disc edition, and around $280 with the Digital edition.

Taking that into account, it's worth knowing which retailers are regularly restocking PS5s, so you can be ready for near-future restocks.


Bots that support Walmart: Stellar, Dakoza, Hayha, Koi

Walmart is the go-to retailer for Playstation 5 consoles.

Being the largest retailer globally, it's no coincidence that Walmart's allocated PS5 stock is vast.

The retailer usually releases tens of thousands of PS5s in a single restock.

Whenever Walmart announces a PS5 restock, everyone pays attention, including botters.

For most of 2021, PlayStation bots have been taking up stock on Walmart's PS5 releases.

Walmart has claimed in the past that it's been successful at circumventing bots from buying PS5s. However, that couldn't be any further from the truth.

After every PS5 restock, it's not unusual to see tons of botters flex their PlayStation bots' success on Twitter.

In an attempt to mitigate bots that are able to sign up for hundreds of Walmart accounts automatically, the retailer introduced Walmart+.

Walmart Plus is a premium subscription that comes with many benefits, including exclusive access to certain PS5 restocks.

The subscription costs $98/year, but you also have the option of subscribing for $12.95/month. 

Without a Walmart+ subscription, you won't have access to PS5 restocks that require a membership.

Walmart still holds restocks for non-Plus members, but you risk missing out on some restocks without a subscription.

Basically, Walmart+ acts as a paywall for PS5 restocks and forces botters to purchase several subscriptions if they plan on copping multiple consoles.

But Plus does not entirely prevent PlayStation bots; it simply reduces bot traffic.

You can always purchase one or multiple Walmart+ subscriptions and run your bots.

It's just a matter of how many Plus monthly subscriptions you are willing to purchase at once.

Stellar AIO even has a feature that gives you the option to automatically purchase a Plus subscription for your Walmart account in case it does not have one yet.

That all being said, Walmart needs to be at the top of your watchlist for sites that restock the PS5.

Considering how high its console stock is, it's one of the easiest sites to acquire a PS5 from if you have a bot.


Bots that support Target: Stellar, KSR, Akari

In the reselling world, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Target is sports cards. But Target does also host regular PS5 restocks.

One difference about Target is that some of its PS5 restocks require you to pick up your order in-store.

This can be a problem if you don't have a Target store in close proximity to you.

The Target Red Card is another point worth discussing.

The Red Card is a debit (or credit) card issued by Target in collaboration with Mastercard.

Red Cards work like any regular card but come with added benefits such as 5% off any purchase made on Target's website or any brick-and-mortar stores.

The card also gives you access to Red Card exclusive releases.

For example, the Red Card is usually required for specific sports card box releases.

However, more often than not, they're not necessary for PS5 releases.

Similar to Walmart, Target usually has thousands of PS5s restocked at once. 

This is why botters and their PlayStation bots closely monitor the site.

So if you're hunting for PS5s, I'd advise you to monitor Target restocks regularly.


Bots that support Amazon: Stellar, Snail, Ominous, Akari, Hayha

I admire Amazon because it's the only site on this list where you can easily cop with or without a PlayStation bot.

Maybe I am biased since I managed to cop three consoles manually from three separate restocks.

Regardless, it's good to see a PS5 site where anyone has a fair chance, with or without a bot.

The PS5 stock that Amazon gets is usually healthy too.

Tens of thousands of PlayStation 5 Disc and Digital editions can be seen restocked at once. Which gives you a massive advantage if you're running a PlayStation bot during the restock.

So it's definitely worth putting in the effort to master Amazon botting.


Bots that support Best Buy: Stellar, Ominous, Akari

A retailer well-known for its graphics cards and console restocks would be Best Buy.

Unlike other retailers, BestBuy usually requires you to pick your order up in-store to purchase a PS5.

This can be pretty annoying because it removes the convenience of online shopping.

This policy was likely put into place to prevent resellers from copping multiple consoles.

But it does also hurt regular customers, as certain areas may not have as many PS5s allocated to them.

So whether you have a PlayStation bot or not, you may end up having a lower chance of copping a PS5 simply because of where you reside.

Another concern with Best Buy is that certain PS5 restocks can only be accessed if you have a Totaltech subscription.

If you thought the Walmart Plus subscription was pushing it, I got bad news for you. A Best Buy Totaltech membership costs $200/year, double that of Walmart+. It's honestly too much.

While membership does give you special access to certain consoles and graphics cards releases, it doesn't guarantee it.

It improves your chances of copping since not everyone has a Totaltech membership.

However, it doesn't prevent botting since botters can easily buy a membership and justify paying for one, considering the high-profit margins on tech items.

Regardless, Best Buy has some of the highest stock allocations of PS5 consoles, so you should always try your luck on its site.

The retailer regularly hosts restocks for non-Totaltech members, so you won't be forced to pay for a membership in many cases.


Bots that support GameStop: Stellar

GameStop's PS5 stock pales in comparison to other retailers on this list.

However, that doesn't mean that the site should be ignored.

These smaller sites can often be easy to cop a PS5 since not as many bots support them.

In this instance, Stellar is pretty much the only PlayStation bot that has a consistent GameStop module.

As a result, it's easy for Stellar users to take stock of such releases.

GameStop is another site that requires a Pro membership to get access to PS5 restocks.

While the subscription is only $15 per year, it's still annoying having to pay for all these memberships.

Another problem with GameStop PS5 releases is that they usually are sold as bundles.

To buy a PS5 console, you'll be required to buy a bunch of other add ons, even if you're not interested in them.

These add ons include games, accessories, and gift cards.

It may seem like a smart attempt to prevent resellers from purchasing them.

However, these bundles are still resold, just for a lower margin.

So if your PlayStation bot actively supports a GameStop module, you should be actively attempting to bot PS5 releases.

Your chances of success on the site are much better than you may think!


Knowing that these five sites regularly restock the PS5, it's essential to keep a close eye on their restocks.

Realistically, the best to avoid missing out on any restock would be by joining a cook group.

Cook groups have monitors that track websites' stock around the clock.

Whenever a restock occurs, you'll typically get notified by your cook group to start your PlayStation bot tasks.

This type of information is vital.

It would be pointless if you have the best retail bots but don't know when PS5s restock.

So make sure you get a cook group membership along with your PlayStation bot if you're serious about getting PS5s.

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