How Stellar Continues to Dominate on PS5s, GPUs and Trading Card Drops

October was yet another eventful month for Stellar and its members.

Not one retailer was allowed to walk away without having their stock eaten up by Stellar.

Consoles, graphics cards, and trading cards were among the popular items that were secured by members.

Tens of thousands of PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles were copped throughout the month.

An extraordinarily large number of trading card boxes were purchased, ranging from NBA Optics and NFL Donruss to Pokemon TCG.

We also saw a lot more GPUs restocks, which was a huge advantage to users considering Stellar supports various GPU sites.

It’s time to cover all these events in detail in this month’s success recap.


Walmart has officially placed the PS5 and Xbox behind a paywall.

Earlier this month, Walmart followed the steps of Best Buy and GameStop and introduced Walmart+.

Walmart Plus is a subscription service that comes with many perks, one of which is exclusive access to console restocks.

However, before Walmart made that change, Stellar users managed to cop over 6000 Xbox Series X consoles during a restock earlier this month.

The idea that Walmart Plus will prevent the same scenario from happening next month is ridiculous.

In addition to outperforming on console restocks, Stellar has continued its undefeated run on sports card restocks.

While Walmart did not have any significant trading card restock, it did occasionally drop sought-after NBA and NFL boxes.

Just take a look at this member who had around 50 checkouts on a Walmart restock earlier this month.


25,000 checkouts.

That's right!

With around 20,000 card boxes secured in a single day (after taking cancellations into account), it's safe to say that Stellar absolutely crushed it on Target this month.

Donruss Optic NBA, NBA Select, and Donruss NFL boxes were all part of Stellar's success in that single restock.

To give you an idea of how insane that is, check out this user who managed to cop over 300 boxes in a single release, using the deadly combo of Stellar, Flipd, and Stella Proxies.

Insane stuff!

Target also hosted a PS5 restock in the final week of October.

With both Digital and Disc versions dropping, Stellar users were able to feast on that restock.

As we enter the holiday season, expect the same scenario to reoccur, but at a much larger scale.

And while Xboxes didn't restock on Target, the Xbox mini-fridge did finally drop.

And let's just say that Stellar went crazy.

With thousands of mini-fridges secured, this member was able to cop 60 on his own.

Why that many? Why not!


If you clicked on this post, hoping you'd see a massive PS5 restock dub, I have good news for you!

Stellar users managed to check-out a whopping 10,000+ PS5s in a single Amazon restock.

This is a true example of the power of automation.

What about graphics cards restocks on Amazon?

Stellar has that covered too!

Take a look at this member who copped 7 GPUs in a single restock.

That's thousands in profit from one item.

That same member didn't stop there!

They went ahead and copped 48 of some mystery toys on Amazon, claiming to have made up to $6,000 in profit.

Not too shabby!


While GameStop's console restocks usually are much smaller than other retailers, they still are important.

Since there aren't any other bot that dominates on GameStop besides Stellar, it gives its users the chance to take up the entire stock on a console restock.

And earlier this month, this is exactly what happened.

Over 2000 Xbox Series X consoles were secured in a single GameStop restock by Stellar.

It's been a while since Stellar has missed out on a console restock on GameStop, and I would not be surprised if the run extends for many more months to come.

Pokemon Center

Pokemon Center held one of the biggest TCG drops in a while.

The "Pokemon TCG: Celebrations Ultra-Premium Collection" box dropped, and Stellar users went all out on the release.

Hundreds of boxes were secured, and tens of thousands in profit was generated from that single drop.

One user even managed to cop a whopping 63 boxes, with a potential of over $21,000 in profit made in the process.

With Pokemon TCG being hotter than ever, don't be surprised to see Stellar dominating similar types of releases in the future.

AMD & Newegg

Two sites that are top targets for GPU hunters are AMD and Newegg.

Both sites are supported modules in Stellar and have helped users cop thousands of GPUs in October.

Earlier in the month, over 1,500 checkouts were secured from Newegg and AMD, representing tens of thousands of dollars in profit.

Later in the month, AMD had another restock, with 700 graphics cards copped by Stellar users.

One key factor that makes Stellar stand out is its site diversity!

With GPU restocks having much less stock than console and trading card restocks, having as many sites that support GPU restocks can vastly increase your chances of copping one.


With a huge success across several retailers, Stellar had yet another successful month.

The all-in-one bot has also shown time and time again that there is unlimited potential to scale up your setup.

It's not unusual to see a single Stellar user cop hundreds of PS5s or even making tens of thousands of dollars in profit from GPUs or trading cards.

Collectively, Stellar users are not a force to be reckoned with.

As we enter the holiday season, expect a huge month for Stellar and its users.

And if you haven't joined Stellar yet, you may end up missing out big time.

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