5 Best Walmart Checkout Bots – Price, Success & How to Buy

If you’re wondering what are some of the best Walmart checkout bots, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, I will talk about the top performing Walmart bots on the market.

If you’re not too familiar with what a Walmart bot is, I’d advise you to check this guide before buying or renting one.

The bots mentioned below have been ranked from the most affordable to most expensive options.

Make sure you don’t confuse price and performance!

Just because a bot is more expensive, doesn’t mean it performs better. There are other factors, such as scarcity, that influences bot prices.

Anyways, let’s get started with the list:

Top Walmart Checkout Bots

Walmart Checkout Bots
(Last Updated: October 23 2021)


  • Retail Price: $300
  • Renewal Fee: $50/month
  • Current Resale Price: $250-300
  • Top Supported Sites: Walmart, Target, Footsites

Koi AIO has been doing a great job on Walmart lately, especially on PS5 restocks.

The Koi AIO Twitter page is filled with images of PS5’s and Panini trading cards stacked on top of each other copped by its members on recent restocks.

This is pretty cool to see, especially for a Walmart checkout bot that you can purchase for around $300 on BotMart or Tidal Marketplace.

It’s also nice to see that Koi has a working Target module, another site that frequently restocks trading cards and PlayStation 5’s.

And for all you sneaker enthusiasts out there, you’d be delighted to find out that Koi has also has success on sneaker sites such as Footlocker and Champs Sports.

All in all, Koi is a good bot to consider if you are looking for a bot that performs well on Walmart.

It’s low resale price makes it a great option if you have a tight budget. Just make sure you’re comfortable paying a $50 monthly renewal fee before buying a copy.


  • Retail Price: $345
  • Renewal Fee: $50/month
  • Current Resale Price: $250-300
  • Top Supported Sites: Walmart, Amazon, Footsites, Hibbett

Hayha AIO is another Walmart checkout bot on this list with healthy success on recent PS5 restocks.

Looking through Hayha’s success, I noticed a couple of its members copping around 100 consoles each on the latest Walmart restock.

Not too shabby!

The Hayha dev team is also constantly experimenting with new sites. You can use the bot on retailer sites like Walmart, Amazon and Ace Hardware. You can also run it on sneaker sites like Footlocker, Hibbett and Snipes.

For less than $300, you can grab a copy of Haya from Botmart or Tidal Marketplace. It’s is a great bot to consider if you’d like one that supports a mix of retailer and sneaker sites.

However, I believe its $50 monthly renewal fee is a bit high for a bot in that price range.

While they continue to innovate on a variety of sites, the Hayha dev team still puts a lot of emphasis into its Walmart module and are constantly making improvements. If you don’t mind the steep renewal fee, it’s a good Walmart checkout bot to consider.


  • Retail Price: $300
  • Renewal Fee: $20/month or $30/month
  • Current Resale Price: $250-350
  • Top Supported Sites: Walmart, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, GameStop, Pokemon Center

Stellar AIO has cemented its status in the retail scene as a killer bot with tremendous success.

When going through Stellar’s Twitter success, you’ll immediately notice the diversity of items being copped.

Items such as PS5’s, Xbox’s, GPU’s, Topps and Panini sports cards are all being regularly checked out by Stellar members.

One of Stellar’s main strong points is its consistency. Its Walmart module has been killing it for several months, and it's rare to see a bot perform so consistently over a long period of time.

Not only is it consistent, but Stellar often does major damage on Walmart releases. Just a couple of months ago, AYCD Jake was once able to snag over 1,200 PS5’s on a single Walmart restock!

Another added value to Stellar is its wide range of site modules. Stellar outperforms on a variety of sites including Amazon, Target, GameStop and BestBuy.

Due to the diversity of supported sites, it’s not uncommon to see stacks of graphics cards and even mountains of trading cards in Stellar’s success posts.

For a bot that resells around $300, it’s a must-have in your arsenal, especially if you’re a newcomer to the botting scene.


  • Retail Price: $250
  • Renewal Fee: $35/month or $50/month
  • Current Resale Price: $1500-1600
  • Top Supported Sites: Amazon, Walmart, Footsites, Pacsun

Ominous AIO is another interesting bot on this list.

The bot was once valued at around $4,800 before it decided to open up its community and allow more people to join.

Today, Ominous is valued at $1,500, which remains on the higher end of the price spectrum for Walmart checkout bots.

While the bot does well on Walmart, Ominous’ top performing site is Amazon US and CA.

You’re bound to find lots of Amazon success webhooks scrolling through the Ominous Twitter page.

More recently, the dev team has also been venturing into the sneakers and streetwear scene, adding Footsites, Yeezy Supply and PacSun to the bot’s site list.

All things considered, if you have a high budget and don’t mind splurging on a bot, Ominous is definitely a bot to consider. It does well on Walmart and is a great option if you’re interested in botting consoles and graphics cards.


  • Retail Price: $499
  • Renewal Fee: $50/month
  • Current Resale Price: $4000-5000
  • Top Supported Sites: Walmart, Yeezy Supply, Shopify

The most expensive bot on this list is Trickle.

You may be thinking: four grand for a bot?!

Yes, that is correct.

While Trickle’s performance stands out over the average Walmart bot, scarcity plays a big role in its current pricing.

Bot copies will eventually decrease in price as it opens up more membership spots, similar to how Ominous did.

The botters that have been given the chance to own Trickle are some of the top botters in the community.

On Twitter, you can see how these botters have managed to hit dozens, if not hundreds, of PS5’s on Walmart restocks.

The bot also does well on Yeezy Supply.

The problem is: it’s just too expensive.

Unless you’re an experienced botter, I would advise you to stick with some of the more affordable options on this list.

Bots to Avoid

Most Advanced Bot

  • Retail Price: $69.99
  • Renewal Fee: N/A
  • Current Resale Price: N/A

You’ve probably stumbled upon Most Advanced Bot when looking for a Walmart auto checkout bot.

The bot retails for $69.99 and is always in stock. It’s also considerably cheaper than any other bot mentioned on this list.

So what is wrong with it?

Well, there are a lot of red flags related to the bot’s functionality.

Firstly, it’s not a full-fletched bot; it’s a chrome extension that helps automate part of the checkout process.

And unlike all the recommended Walmart bots on this list, Most Advanced Bot does not publicly share any of its members’ success.

The lack of transparency is a bit concerning.

In addition, there is a lot of negative clout around the brand. This Reddit thread is an interesting one.

Many past members share their experiences with the bot and how it’s not worked for them.

The only positive comments seem to come from new users allegedly created by the Most Advanced Bot team.

It’s tough to trust a team that puts a lot of effort in trying to conceal the truth.

This other former user went into deep detail about his horrific experience with the Walmart bot they offer.

It’s not unusual to see people bad mouth a bot but the comments surrounding Most Advanced Bot’s legitimacy are concerning.

I’d highly suggest avoiding Most Advanced Bot’s Walmart checkout bot and any other bot that it has to offer.

Walmart Checkout Bots USA

Final Recommendations

After going through this list, you’re probably still wondering: which Walmart checkout bot is the best?

As much as I’d love to give you an answer, I can’t.

Simply put, a bot that may be a perfect fit for you, may not be the preferred option by someone else.

Instead, I’ll give you the best way to determine what Walmart bot is best for you:

  1. Determine your bot budget. That’ll eliminate some of the pricier options on this list.
  2. Analyze each bot’s historical success tweets. Focus on consistency and past success on Walmart and other sites you’re interested in.
  3. Try contacting some of the people that have posted bot success. Not everyone will respond but some would be more than happy to share their experience with the bot they’re using.
  4. Once you’ve narrowed down your options to one or two bot(s), go to BotMart or Tidal Marketplace. Look for people that are selling your preferred bot and try to see if you can get a good deal.
  5. You can even search for people that are trying to rent their bots. That way you can test out a bot before buying it.

That’s it! Follow these steps and you should be able to get started with your very first Walmart auto checkout bot.

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