What Is a Best Buy Bot and Where Can You Buy One?

Bots have been a popular topic of discussion ever since PlayStation 5 consoles hit the shelves of Best Buy and other retailers in late 2020.

Since the official release last year, bots have managed to check out hundreds of thousands of PS5s from retafilers across the country.

This has made it increasingly difficult for customers to grab a console without using a checkout bot.

Botters have also been targeting other limited items, including the Xbox Series X and graphics card.

So what’s the solution?

One option is to buy a console or GPU off eBay for resale price.

However, with the exorbitant prices being charged for such hyped items, that may not be the optimal solution.

Instead, you may want to consider purchasing a Best Buy bot to turn your luck around.

What Is a Best Buy Bot?

A Best Buy bot is an automated software tool used to automatically check out limited items, such as consoles and graphics cards. 

Using a checkout bot for Best Buy, you have a tremendous speed and efficiency advantage over any human shopper. 

Since Best Buy releases are highly speed-dependent, you will likely require the help of a bot if you want to have a realistic chance of copping hyped goods.

Best Buy bots typically also have the ability to monitor the site 24/7 and instantly cart any limited item that drops.

While a Best Buy bot does increase your chances of a successful checkout, it’s essential to keep in mind that it doesn’t guarantee success 100% of the time.

Is It Illegal to Use a Best Buy Bot?

While the use of bots has been widely criticized, it is actually not illegal to use a bot on Best Buy. 

But that does not mean that the retailer encourages the use of automated software on its site. 

Best Buy regularly receives complaints from shoppers about “scalpers” and resellers and takes active measures to prevent bots from purchasing any items.

In an extreme case, Best Buy decided not to sell the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti online. 

Instead, it held an in-store-only release for the Founder’s edition of the limited GPUs.

While that technically worked in preventing bots, it’s not a sustainable strategy in today’s online driven world.

As a result, the retailer has been working on other ways to improve its site’s bot protection.

And while Best Buy’s heightened measures do impact the success rate of bots, they don’t completely eliminate them.

In fact, bot usage on Best Buy has been on the rise, and so has the success of botters.

What Are the Top Best Buy Bots?

Unlike Walmart bots, there aren’t that many options when it comes to botting Best Buy.

Earlier this year, SWFT AIO was known as the bot which regularly outperformed on Best Buy.

The bot had a bypass that allowed its users to checkout on Best Buy much faster than any other bot.

However, the site has since patched the bypass, and SWFT no longer has that edge.

This is reflected in the price as a copy of SWFT used to sell for over $7,200 back in June and now sells for under $1,500.

As for bots that actively work on Best Buy, Stellar AIO and Ominous AIO are the ones that stand out.

Stellar AIO retails for $300 and has a renewal fee of $30 per month.

In the past, some Stellar copies used to sell copies with a $20 monthly fee which you can still find on BotMart and Tidal.

However, expect to pay a premium, as those copies sell for around $430 on marketplaces.

Stellar AIO has a good track record on Best Buy releases, and its user base is accustomed to copping consoles and graphics cards in large quantities.

The bot is also known for its consistent performance across several sites.

In fact, Stellar AIO currently supports over 20 different US and Canadian retailer sites, including Walmart, Amazon, Target, and GameStop.

Whether you’re looking to cop consoles, graphics cards, trading cards, or collectibles, you can’t go wrong with Stellar.

As for Ominous AIO, the bot currently resells for around $600 and has a monthly renewal of $50.

It’s worth noting that the bot used to resell for around $4,700, though it used to be much more exclusive back then.

However, as Ominous opened up more spots, the bot’s price declined.

That being said, Ominous AIO is still regarded as a consistent retailer bot for US and Canadian sites and is one of the few bots with a working Best Buy module.

Where Can I Purchase a Best Buy Bot?

Normally, when you’re interested in buying a software product, all you’d have to do is visit the product’s website and click purchase.

However, that is not possible with shopping bots used on Best Buy and other retailer sites.

Bots, like Stellar and Ominous, keep their membership spots exclusive; hence why you always see bots listed as ‘Out of Stock’ on the product page.

So how can one get access to a Best Buy bot?

One way would be to follow every bot you’re interested in on Twitter.

That way, you will be notified anytime a bot has a restock planned.

Sometimes, bots even host giveaways for weekly, monthly or renewal keys.

While you shouldn’t rely on winning a giveaway to get a bot, it doesn’t hurt to join them!

Another place where bots host restocks is on email waitlists.

Not many bots do that, though Stellar does!

By joining the Stellar Waitlist, you will be notified anytime Stellar has an email-exclusive restock.

At times, bots will host groupbuys in partnering discord groups.

These groups are known as cook groups, and I discuss them towards the end of this post.

Finally, you have the option to purchase a Best Buy bot from a secondary marketplace.

BotMart, Tidal, and BotBroker offer you a way to purchase bots on secondary marketplaces.

Basically, bot marketplaces match you with sellers who currently own bots and want to sell them.

However, keep in mind that you may have to pay a premium for most bots on a marketplace. 

Should I Consider Renting a Bot Instead?

If you are not ready to purchase a bot, then you could consider renting one instead.

Bot rentals allow you to experiment with different bots and try them out for short durations.

BotMart and Tidal Marketplace both allow you to rent bots from people that already own a copy. 

Other platforms such as Whop and Easy Rentals also allow you to rent Best Buy bots.

While renting is a cheap way to access a bot, it may not be the best move if you’re starting out.

Firstly, Best Buy releases happen at unpredictable times. 

So you may rent a bot, but there is no guarantee that a release you’re planning on botting will occur.

Another point with bot rentals is that you don’t get access to the Discord support group like you would when you purchase a bot. 

As a beginner, you may need support staff to help you set up and troubleshoot technical problems. 

But you’d only get access to communicate with these staff members if you were in the bot’s Discord server.

My recommendation is to rent a couple of bots that you’re planning on purchasing, and then based on your experience, pick one and buy it.

What Is the Best Way to Stay Up-to-Date With the Latest Drops and Restocks?

Unlike typical Walmart releases, Best Buy restocks tend to happen at random times.

This can prove to be challenging without the right tools.

Therefore, in addition to a consistent bot, you will need lightning-speed monitors.

As the name suggests, a monitor is constantly monitoring a site for high-demand items.

Once such an item drops, it will show up on the monitor and get notified.

The best way to get access to fast monitors is by joining a cook group.

A cook group is a membership-based community that provides exclusive information and personalized assistance to give you a competitive advantage over manual users and even other botters.

Cook groups provide access to some of the best monitors and have dedicated staff to ping you anytime an important item drops.

At times, cook groups also have insight on when the retailer could potentially restock consoles or graphics cards.

This information can immensely improve your odds of success, so it definitely pays off to be in one.

Cook groups usually charge a monthly fee of anywhere between $15 and $80.

The more you’re willing to invest into a cook group subscription, the more premium the groups get and the more exclusive the information gets.

Examples of premium cook groups include Flipd, Flipseek, and Hidden Society. 

However, these groups tend to be in high demand, and memberships are almost always out of stock.

This means you may have to resort to more accessible cook groups till you get the chance to join a more premium one.


Nowadays, getting a Best Buy bot is essential if you want a realistic chance at copping consoles and graphics cards.

Best Buy has tried to prevent bots from purchasing items off its site; however, it has not fully succeeded in that endeavor.

While customers may find that frustrating, it’s the reality of the situation.

When buying a Best Buy bot, you have options, such as Stellar AIO and Ominous AIO.

You can either get a copy through a Twitter restock or cook group groupbuy.

Stellar also hosts restocks to members of the Stellar email waitlist.

And if you can’t wait for an official restock, then you can consider buying a copy from bot marketplaces, like BotMart or Tidal.

Knowing that the worldwide chip shortage will stretch into 2022, bots are likely going to keep eating up the entire console and GPU stock from Best Buy.

You can decide to skip out on future Best Buy releases, or you can join in on the fun and get a Best Buy bot.

The choice is yours!

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