This Auto Buy Bot Checked Out 160,000 PS5s, GPUs & NBA Cards

August will be a month to remember for Stellar AIO! The auto buy bot experienced over 160,000 checkouts on Walmart, Amazon, Target, GameStop, and BestBuy in a single month.

While such numbers are impressive, it is not an unusual feat!

Ever since the beginning of 2021, Stellar has maintained a consistent performance on all its supported sites.

Month in, month out, Stellar users have been successfully copping various limited-supply items, including PS5s, GPUs, and trading cards.

In this success recap, I will highlight all the special moments from this action-packed month.

I will also be sharing some of the best tweets posted by the Stellar user base.

This will give you a great idea of how well Stellar performs on different releases.


The first site on our list is Walmart.

With over 100,000 checkouts, it is safe to say that not many bots can keep up with Stellar. 

The majority of this success can be attributed to the PS5 restocks held by Walmart.

Walmart held several PS5 restocks throughout the month and even had two restocks occur on the same day.

While I presume that decision was meant to deter auto buy bots, it only hurt shoppers trying to acquire a PS5 without a bot as bots ate up the entire stock.

After every successful Walmart release, Stellar users united on Twitter to flex their success.

Newcomers proudly boasted copping their first-ever PS5 while botting veterans showed off the dozens of consoles they acquired.

Astoundingly, some users were even able to acquire over a hundred PlayStation 5's on a single release!

That is not only impressive but feels like a real-life cheat code.

Stellar members were also able to touch some of the most exclusive NBA card restocks.

In one release, Stellar users acquired over 1,000 NBA Select cards that other bots could not even touch.

These types of limited-stock releases often distinguish the best bots from the rest.

It is easy for every auto buy bot to get a piece of the pie when hundreds of thousands of consoles are releasing. 

But when only a couple of thousand boxes are released, only the best of the best will succeed.


Another site that Stellar enjoyed healthy success on is Amazon.

Amazon frequently restocks graphics cards, though they do so in limited quantities.

And unlike Walmart, Amazon's restocks often happen at random times, which adds to the challenge.

However, challenging does not mean it is impossible.

A great feature that comes in handy here is Stellar's 24/7 monitor mode.

Using that mode, the auto buy bot will attempt to check out graphics cards without you having to be at your desktop.

This proved advantageous when the EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 was restocked earlier this month.

Stellar users were able to cop over 500 of them on a single release, with each one netting a profit of over $250.

It is beautiful seeing all these GPU success photos posted on Twitter since we all know how much of a rare commodity they have become with their increased worldwide popularity.

Although GPU restocks take the spotlight on Amazon, the PS5 drops should not be overlooked as Stellar outperformed on those too.

Whatever is releasing on Amazon, Stellar is always one step ahead of the game.


Stellar users also enjoyed great success on Target.

Members registered an impressive 25,000 checkouts throughout the month.

While Target also restocked PlayStation consoles, the releases that stood out were ones involving trading cards.

NBA Select and Prizm boxes are frequently restocked, and Stellar members made sure to capitalize on that.

Furthermore, Target does not enforce a one-per-person policy on NBA boxes, making it easier for Stellar users to acquire them in large quantities.

Stellar members rushed to Twitter to show off their success clips after thousands of boxes were secured.

Some members even went the extra mile and formed pyramids using their NBA Select and Prizm boxes.

All in all, Target restocks are pretty fun and makes you wonder why they have yet to enforce a one-per-person policy when auto buy bots like Stellar are eating up the entire stock.


While GameStop does not restock as much as the other retailers on the list, it sometimes has some exciting releases.

Stellar users copped over 3000 Halo Edition Xbox Series X, which were released earlier in the month.

They were released as a pre-order only, which did not stop members from going all out on the release.

The Xbox’s did release on other retailer sites, but it is worth noting that not many bots support GameStop.

In other words, when such a release happens on GameStop, you are almost certain that the majority of the stock will go into the hands of Stellar members.

You got to give credit to the Stellar development team for supporting as many console sites as they possibly can.

This type of site diversity is what places Stellar ahead of the competition.


Another site that regularly restocks consoles and graphics cards is BestBuy.

Stellar members registered an impressive one million carts in a single month.

Unlike other sites, part of the checkout process on BestBuy has to be completed manually.

Once the auto buy bot carts the item, a browser pops up, or a checkout link is immediately sent to the user.

It is up to the botter to then complete the checkout process manually.

Realistically, not every cart will lead to checkout, so it is unclear how many of these carts led to checkouts.

But if Twitter success posts are used as an indicator, then there were probably a ton of checkouts that went through on the site.


The term AIO is frequently used in the botting community, but very few auto buy bots can genuinely be considered ‘All in One.’

Stellar has made it more challenging for other bots to compete, as it supports a wide variety of sites and dominates on each one of them.

After every successful release, I have seen botters wonder if Stellar will ever underperform.

And I understand where they are coming from, as it is unusual to see a bot maintain such consistency for long periods of time.

What is even more dumbfounding is realizing that a copy of Stellar can be acquired for around $300.

Knowing that console and graphics card manufacturers are dealing with massive shortages, there has been no better time to get into botting.

So what are you waiting for? Join in on the fun or risk getting left behind.

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