Amazon Buy Bot: What To Consider Before Getting One

It seems like everyone is using an Amazon buy bot nowadays to purchase highly coveted items such as graphics cards and PlayStation 5 consoles.

But is it as easy as people on Twitter portray it to be?

Well, the answer to that depends on several factors that we will be discussing in this post.

Once you’re done going over this guide, you will better understand what an Amazon purchase bot is and whether buying one is worth your time.


What Is an Amazon Buy Bot?

An Amazon buy bot is a software tool that automatically carts and checks out items for you from Amazon. Such a tool is known to checkout items much faster and efficiently than humanly possible.

Typically, there is no need for an Amazon purchase bot when you’re buying everyday items since there’s usually enough stock and not as high of a demand.

But if you’re trying to purchase an exclusive item, such as a PS5, Xbox Series X, or a GPU, then an Amazon shopping bot may be necessary.

The demand for such items greatly outweighs the supply, meaning there isn’t enough stock for everyone, and only the fastest shoppers will be able to cop.

Essentially, this gives bots the upper hand since a human cannot match their speed and efficiency.

Is It Illegal to Use an Amazon Buy Bot?

Even though “scalping” bots are victimized in the media, they’re entirely legal to use on Amazon in the United States, Canada, and anywhere else around the world.

No, you won’t get sued by Jeff Bezos’ legal team for using an Amazon auto buy bot.

However, the retailer has every right to cancel any order they suspect was acquired with a shopping bot.

In other words, the worst possible outcome from botting is your order gets canceled and refunded if caught.

Jeff Bezos on his way to retrieve the GPUs you bought with an Amazon buy bot

Different Ways to Get a Bot for Amazon

Download for Free

We all love free stuff.

There are many Amazon checkout bots and scripts on sites like GitHub that you can download for free.

The main advantage of a free bot is that it’s free!

However, there are several disadvantages to free-to-use bots. I go into further detail about them in an upcoming section.

Regardless, I am not too familiar with any free Amazon auto buy bot that performs consistently, so I’ll leave it up to you to do the research.

Code One Yourself

This one is tricky. Unless you have some coding experience, I wouldn’t advise you to consider this option.

But if you have what it takes and have some spare time, then why not give it a try. There are many tutorials on how to create an Amazon buy bot using Python.

If you decide to self-code an Amazon shopping bot, make sure you maintain realistic expectations.

You’re not only competing with human shoppers but also other bots. Some of the Amazon checkout bots you’re going against can run hundreds, if not thousands, of tasks and have experienced developers familiar with the in’s and out’s of the site.

Buy a Bot (Recommended)

If you want to see results, the best way to start is by investing in a bot.

However, most Amazon auto buy bots tend to remain out of stock, as they try to keep their user base limited.

Bots tend to restock on their Twitter page or in partnering Discord servers.

If you aren’t willing to wait for an official restock, you could buy a copy from a secondary marketplace.

BotMart and Tidal Marketplace allow you to buy and sell bot keys from other people.

You can purchase an Amazon buy bot from these marketplaces for as low as $250-300 and as high as a couple thousand dollars.

More expensive Amazon checkout bots don’t necessarily perform better, as other factors determine the resale price of the bot, such as how many digital copies are in circulation.

If you are interested in buying an Amazon purchase bot but don’t know where to start, not to worry! Later in this post, I provide an extensive list of bots that have had recent success on Amazon.

Amazon Buy bot Online

Rent a Bot

If you can’t afford to buy one right away, there are marketplaces where you can rent Amazon checkout bots.

BotMart and Tidal both offer a platform where you can rent and rent out bots.

You can also check Whop and Easy Rentals.

Renting is an inexpensive way to test out bots without dish hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The main setback with rentals is that you don’t have access to the bot’s Discord server. You’d have to rely on your renter to send you all the appropriate guides.

Having no Discord access also means you won’t be able to communicate with any support staff if you have any bugs or issues that need troubleshooting.

Why You Should Not Rely on a Free Amazon Bot

In the previous section, I touched on free-to-download bots for Amazon.

When starting, you may be tempted to install one and give it a try. There’s nothing wrong with that if it comes from a legit source.

However, will you see any significant success with a free Amazon bot?

Realistically, you most likely won’t. You could get lucky and grab a GPU, but you need to keep your expectations low. I’ll briefly explain why:

  • Most free Amazon buy bots don’t push frequent updates (or any at all). That may not seem like a problem, but Amazon constantly updates its site and bot protection. So while the free option could work initially, its performance severely deteriorates as it becomes more outdated.
  • A free Amazon auto checkout bot isn’t meant to be scalable. With a proper premium bot, you can run hundreds of tasks which dramatically increases your chances of copping. With a free checkout bot, you likely can only run one or a few tasks at most.
  • You get what you pay for. You can’t expect a high-quality bot when the developer behind it doesn’t have any financial incentive to make improvements.

So if you’re testing the waters, using a free Amazon purchase bot is fine. But once you’re ready to see actual results, you’ll need to buy or rent a reliable auto checkout bot with a motivated development team backing it.

Amazon Buy bot USA

What are the Best Amazon Buy Bots?

I’ve compiled a list of top-performing Amazon bots that have consistent success on Amazon.

If you’d like to get a better feel of how good each bot is, I’d advise you to check their Twitter pages.

All the Amazon checkout bots I’ve listed below regularly retweet their members’ success posts.

Instead of asking which bot is the best, I advise you to think of which one is best for you.

For example, you’ll need to consider the bot’s price. If you have a tight budget, there would be no point in comparing a bot that you can’t afford to one that you can.

Similarly, you can look at other factors, such as supported websites. Maybe you’re interested in getting a bot that supports other sites as well, such as Walmart or BestBuy.

At the end of the day, you’ll have to determine what bot is best for you based on your personal criteria.

Amazon Buy Bot
(Last Updated: October 23 2021)


Botting is not something you master overnight.

If you decide to purchase an Amazon auto checkout bot after reading this guide, don’t expect results right away.

It may take weeks or even a couple of months before you’re satisfied with your performance.

There is also a chance that botting won’t work out for you, but don’t let that discourage you!

If you dedicate enough time and effort to understanding the in’s and out’s of Amazon botting, your investment may pay off exponentially.

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